New Archaeological Evidence of Temple Mount

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temple-floor-fragmentsYou may have heard some experts saying that there never was a temple on Temple Mount in Jerusalem.  These people follow the same type of thinking that denies the Holocaust ever happened.  It is incredible that throughout history there is always a group in power somewhere who wants to deny or pervert the role of Jews and Judaism in history.  These are ultimately direct attacks on the Bible and Jesus as the ultimate authority over life on earth.   For the Arabs who control much of Temple Mount today, it makes sense that they would want to put forth the idea that the Temple was never on Temple Mount.  They want that site to be central to their Islamic traditions and have no part in Jewish history.

New archaeolgical evidence has been uncovered which proves that Herod’s Temple, a central location in the Gospels did indeed exist on Temple Mount.   Here is the article…

Breaking Israel News asked Dr. Gabriel Barkay, co-founder and director of the Temple Mount Sifting Project, if this first-of-its-kind restoration was absolute proof refuting Temple denial.

“You are asking me if I have proof that water is wet,” he responded emphatically. “I don’t need to prove anything. I found facts.”

Dr. Barkay compared denial of the Jewish Temples to denying the Holocaust. “I myself am a Holocaust survivor, and I couldn’t care less about people who deny what I know to be true. For the Holocaust, we have the camps, we have the films and photographs, and we have the survivors,” he told Breaking Israel News.

“For the Temple, we have the Mishnah (Oral Law), the New Testament, we have the writings of Flavius Josephus (a 1st Century Romano-Jewish historian). We have mountains of archaeological evidence. I don’t want to relate to what is nothing less than a political misuse of history.


“There are people who approach me, especially Europeans, and ask what proof I have there was a Jewish Temple. I say that I don’t have proof and I am not interested in proof,” Dr. Barkay stated. “The fact is there was a Temple. Our discovery simply shows the glory that was the Temple.”

Speaking of proof, the tiles fit perfectly into a description of the Temple complex given by historian Josephus, who saw Temple with his own eyes. He wrote in his work “The Jewish Wars” that “the uncovered [Temple Mount courtyard] was completely paved with stones of various types and colors”.

The find also agrees with Talmudic literature about the construction of the Temple Mount which describes rows of green, blue and white marble. The tile segments, mostly imported from Rome, Asia Minor, Tunisia and Egypt, were made from polished multicolored stones cut in a variety of geometric shapes.

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